AGB fur Besucher

1. General 

The following General Terms and Conditions regulate the conditions for use of the provider’s website by visitors to the website who do not place advertisements themselves.

2. Provider services

The provider provides content from commercial advertisers, such as brothels, clubs, models, etc., on its website. who can use this to draw attention to their company or the services they offer. The provider itself is not the provider of the advertised services.

The provider does not undertake to check the content published by commercial advertisers and can therefore neither guarantee its accuracy, appropriateness or quality.

The provider can change, expand or restrict services, functions and content of the website at any time.

3. Visitors

Adult visitors have the opportunity to use the provider’s website free of charge, to read the content published here and to use the information for private purposes. Commercial use of the content by visitors to the website is prohibited.

There is no legal right to use the provider’s services. The provider can impose a virtual ban on visitors, i.e. exclude them from future use of its services. This is particularly relevant in the event of violations of these General Terms and Conditions, legal provisions or if there are other important reasons.

4. Rights to the database

All rights to the database, the database and the content posted (e.g. copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights) lie exclusively with the provider. This does not affect any rights of advertisers to the content they post.

Visitors are not permitted to make copies of the advertisements, photographs, videos and otherwise publish them, make them publicly available or distribute them or use them in any other way. The same applies to parts of the data collection or the entire data collection or database.

Copyright notices or other proprietary rights notices on the provider’s website may not be changed.

5. Legal violations

If you believe that there is content on the website that violates your rights, we ask you to provide us with the following information:

• a precise description of the allegedly infringing content

• a reason from which we understand that there is a violation of rights

• Corresponding evidence through documents or similar.

• the contact details of the allegedly injured person or their authorized representative (address, telephone number and email address)

• Signature or electronic signature of the injured party or their authorized representative

• an affidavit from the alleged injured party that the above information is correct.

Please send us your detailed report by email to the email address listed in the legal notice. We will promptly investigate all serious notices of infringement and take appropriate legal action. Any abuse will be punished.

6. Data protection

The provider takes data protection very seriously and processes personal data in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

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